Stock Machines

Historically Pines machines have been built to order. This way customers can get the exact machine and option configuration they want. Unfortunately, this can lead to excessive delivery times as machines are all custom built and shop capacity is limited. In order to shorten delivery times Pines has instituted a stock machine program. Here we build up our most popular machine models with the most popular option packages in order to have fully finished machines ready for sale.

Machines Built for Stock and Quick Delivery*

Model Qty. Status
CNC 10 4 Two complete, two 90% complete
CNC 15 3 One complete, two 95% complete
CNC 040 2 One complete, one 85% complete
CNC 075 3 One complete, other three in process
E40 Electric 1 Complete
Model 1 2 One complete, other in process
Model 2 4 All four in process
Model 4 4 One complete, one 90% complete, other two in process
Model 660 4 One complete, other three in process
Rebuilt CNC 075 1 In process

* Pines has a consistent rotation of benders being manufactured for stock. Inquire at the time of order for an up-to-date lead time on a stock machines (equipped as standard). Color options, including blue, gray, and green may vary and may not be changeable, depending on level of completion of the specific machine. Quantity in stock may vary. Standard voltage 220/3/60 may be modified to 440/3/60 on stock equipment.