Critical Defense Facility Chooses Pines #8

Government inspectors recently witnessed a parts run-off of a new #8 NC bender for use at a U.S. Navy shipyard. Tests included bending 2-6-inch NPS pipe with a variety of pipe schedules and material types. Test samples were checked to meet ovality and wall thinning specifications. After machine installation Pines will repeat the test bend run-off before final customer acceptance.

New Pines Electric Bender

Debuting at the 2019 FABTech show, Pines introduces our e40 Electric bender. This new model has the same power and capability as our standard hybrid CNC040 but with all the features you have come to expect from an all-electric bender. The new CNC bender is fully electric and supports automatic tool adjustment and force control for speedy, repeatable machine setups. It has the ability to stack three bend dies for multiple radius capability or to support multiple compound grip sections. The bender also supports calendaring (3 roll bending) in the top stack if desired. Carriage push assist is available to reduce the required grip length between bends and aid in reducing wall thinning.

Introducing the updated Pines CNC200

Introducing the Updated Pines CNC200

This newly updated CNC200 features a dual spindle for exceptional part clearance, 15 feet of carriage travel, and a tube over mandrel length of 20 feet. Designed to handle large pipe sizes, the CNC200 can bend up to 6-inch NPS schedule 160 stainless steel to a maximum 30-inch CLR. All this with only a 20HP electric motor and pulling less than 45 Amps at 440VAC.

Serpentine coil bender delivered

Serpentine Coil Bender Delivered

Pines has taken a standard #1 NC bender and added an automated feed system. The powered traction feed rolls precisely position the tube prior to bending. A secondary collet system helps maintain position during the manual flip over between bends. An additional tube guide/pusher system on the bend arm keeps the whole part aligned during the bend. This system is designed to make multiple return bends in tubes up to 400 feet long.

Pines delivers new bender for Spanish Air Force

Pines Delivers New Bender for Spanish Air Force

Pines has delivered a new Pines #2 NC bender to the Spanish Air Force. With the capability to make multiple bend parts up to 3-inch in diameter this machine is expected to play a significant role in maintaining their aircraft at the highest level of readiness.