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Over our storied history, Pines has secured more than 75 patents and has tens of thousands of machines in the field all across the globe. Take a look at our key milestones below.

1940 Pines founded by inventor of the mandrel bending machine,
Byron Bower.
1941 First rotary bender designed for bicycles. 1943 First rotary bender designed for bending metal furniture. 1954 First machines designed specifically for bending tubing. 1954 Tubing Bender 1955 First to design vertical compression bender. 1960 First Dial-A-Bend® machine control for rotary draw benders. 1961 1962 First fully automatic, three-axis CNC Bender. 1965 Patent issued for CNC Bender carriage Patent issued for CNC Bender carriage 1968 Introduces formulas for spring-back compensation. 1969 Purchased by Teledyne Corporation. 1976 First microprocessor-based controlled bender. 1985 Introduces bender specifically designed for coaxial cable in aerospace industry. 1986 First NC benchtop bender for small diameter tubes. 1994 Company relocates from Chicago, Illinois to Cleveland, Ohio. 1995 Introduces first 40mm machine with servo electric bend motion. 1997 Introduces pressure die booster system for boiler tube industry and
TS2000 Windows-based CNC bender control.
1999 Introduces first PLC-based control as latest generation of digital Dial-A-Bend®
controls, along with the CNC100 bender, the fastest 4" bender on the market.
2007 Introduces the MV-2200 series bender,
a custom three-axis DAB machine for the USMC.
2011 Introduces the CNC 250, a heavy-duty 10” pipe bender and the
largest CNC bender for the boiler industry.
2013 Purchased by Park Ohio, Ajax Tocco Magnethermic. 2017 Introduces the Dial-A-Bend® 7 Control for one- and two-axis NC machines. 2019 Introduces the CNC e40 Bender, an all-electric bender capable of
bending 40mm stainless steel tube.
Pines Manufacturing E40