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H&H Tooling

H&H Tooling specializes in designing and manufacturing tooling for all rotary and press bending machines. Since 1961, H&H has met the challenge of manufacturing tooling for most any bending application, and has provided innovative solutions to bending requirements.

H&H has established a solid international reputation in our industry with guaranteed tooling performance and continues to set the standard of excellence for bending tools. We are at your service to evaluate your requests, provide your tooling requirements, trouble shoot your problems and support your organization with a team of experienced people who know the importance of customer satisfaction. 

Our mission is to lead our industry by providing technical innovation, quality products and services and on-time delivery.

For more information, please contact:

29100 Lakeland Blvd
Wickliffe, OH 44092
Ph: 440-278-7201 / Fax: 440-278-7210


H&H Tooling:

Compound Tooling

A compound grip is essentially a grip or clamp area with a machined tube groove matching the contour of the previous bend. These grip sections are defined as either simple or complex depending on the specific plane rotation between bends.

Reverse Interlocking Draw Bend Tools

Originally designed and patented by H&H Tooling in 1963, Interlock tooling is distinctive due to its self-aligning rail design.

Serpentine Tooling

Serpentine tools are designed to exact outside diameter/centerline radii specifications requiring continuous 180-degree plane change bends.

Single Finger Tooling

The ideal method for bending square tubing entails the use of a bender equipped with an under nose split die actuator. The actuator lifts the top half of the bend die after the bend is made which facilitates an easy removal of the bent part.

Standard Draw Bend Tooling

The bend die is the primary tool around which the tube is formed to produce a specific bend radius. The clamp die is used with the bend die to grip the tube. The pressure die functions as a containment tool during bending. The primary function of the wiper die is to prevent the tube from wrinkling during bending. The mandrel is the tooling component that provides support to the inside of the tube.

Uni-Flex Mandrels

The Uni-Flex mandrel has become the world standard for internal ball style mandrels. The unique ball and socket linkage design provides unmatched setup and bending characteristics.

Vertical Press Tooling

Compression bending is the method used on bending presses as well as on some applications of rotary benders. Work is wrapped around a bending form (punch die) by a pivoting wiper shoe (wing die) as the bending form is driven downward.

Wiper Dies & Tips

Wiper dies are available in the standard solid style or in the replaceable tip style.



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