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Pines Planned Maintenance Contracts

Asset Management

Today's asset management applications are a far cry from the paper files and rudimentary databases of yesterday. Closely related to computer maintenance management software and enterprise resource planning applications, the next generation of systems provides the ability to synchronize operational and maintenance activities.

The best asset management programs give insight into the future—they give maintenance managers the tools and the knowledge to set priorities and tackle potential problems that would have the most effect on business. They provide a window on the overall status of equipment, warning of weak links, tracking and archiving equipment performance measurements, highlighting failure points, and helping to schedule predictive, planned maintenance. The potential cost reduction and increased reliability are the most attractive benefits of asset management.

Reducing MRO Costs & Improving ROA

Many of Pines' customers are looking to predict and prevent failures as the key to reducing their maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) costs, and to increase their return on assets. It's not just the equipment cost and number of valves and controls, but the financial impact of failure on production. That's why improving your maintenance practices deserves the best attention available.


A trend toward outsourcing maintenance and adopting asset management applications is helping owners and managers make the improvements that are crucial to keeping plants up and running, and keeping costs down.

Vendor-Customer Partnerships

Just because plants are getting help from the outside doesn't mean that managers are removed from the process. To the contrary, close partnerships are developing between manufacturers and end users. The free exchange of information and resources helps them pursue common goals: cutting costs, increasing efficiency, and extending product life.

What are the advantages of outsourcing maintenance?

  • Outsourcing enables budget flexibility.
  • It lets organizations pay for only the services they need and when they need them.
  • It also reduces the need to hire and train specialized staff, brings in engineering expertise from the outside, and reduces capital expense, yielding better control of operating costs.
  • The outsourcing arrangement can change as your maintenance needs change.

Download Planned Maintenance Contracts Flyer


Benefits of pines Service agreements

The benefits of a Pines service agreement include:

  1. Expert technical advice. You'll have access to the people who know your technology best and who have a vested interest in your success.
  2. Priority response. You receive priority over warranty customers or those without a support contract, reducing downtime.
  3. Fixed support cost. No guessing games when forecasting your budget for maintenance services. Paying for services on an incremental basis may be more expensive for you over time; our bundled services are more economical.
  4. Convenience. The administrative paperwork is taken care of up front which means you've avoided delays in establishing a payment vehicle with each service call.
  5. Safeguards your investment. Ongoing, comprehensive support coverage helps to prolong and protect your valuable investment.


"My name is Steve Eyre and I am the Fabrication Supervisor at RMR Mechanical in West Monroe, LA., we had your Service Tech, Jeff Smith in yesterday and today to look at our Pines bender. It was a rather large “paperweight” prior to his visit. One of the owners, Gerald Miletello, told me we needed to call Pines and get a Tech guy in to figure this thing out. I told him that ya'll would “throw rocks at us” for even bothering you and if you actually came and looked at it, you would fall over laughing. (OK, I was pretty close to right about the second part) <grin>. Jeff showed up, looked it over and pronounced it “not the worst he’d seen”, THAT was a huge compliment, all things considered. He dove in, started tightening this and that, checking everything else, waved his hands over it and after a few hours, declared it “cured”. Cured? Heck, Lazarus was “cured” compared to this thing! It was brought back from the dead!"

"Seriously, Jeff showed a thorough knowledge of your machines, a great understanding and compassion for the end-user, not to mention his troubleshooting abilities. He spent the time to show us how not only to bend an accurate part, but how to dis-assemble and re-assemble the mandrels, set them up, use them and “tweak” the machine for better bends. He is a great representative for Pines Engineering, and I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you so. You, as well as I, are “getting our money’s worth” with him. This has to be the best money we ever spent on a piece of equipment."

"Thank you for employing such great people and for sending him our way."

Steve Eyre, Fabrication Supervisor
RMR Mechanical Inc.

Here is what our customers are saying about Pines service:

"Very Professional, works really well with our employees, answers all questions. Look forward to working with Kevin in the future."

Todd Adkins, Vice President
T&D Fabricating Inc.

"Jeff and Bob have done a very good job at both the service on site and via telephone. AWESOME service. I will continue to use Pines in the future."

Brian Kelly, Project Manager
English Boiler and Tube, Inc.


For More Information Contact:

Bob Nosky
Inside Technical Support
Email: bnosky@pines-eng.com
Phone: 440-278-7212




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