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Pines Equipment Leasing Program

Think you can't afford a new bender? Let us arrange an attractive Lease-to-Own program for you. With leasing, you still get all of the benefits of ownership, as far as taxation and depreciation are concerned. You will be able to write off the entire purchase price the first year under IRS Section 179, which will save you up to $38,000 cash on your taxes this year.
There are a couple of reasons why leasing makes sense when acquiring a piece of equipment such as a Pines Bender:

  • You are taking a rather large capital outlay and turning it into easily managed monthly payments.

  • Banks require 20%-25% down. We only collect the first and last payment in advance; so there is a much smaller cash down stroke.

  • Since a Pines Bender is a revenue-generating piece of equipment, the machine makes the payments for you.

Leasing tends to work particularly well when a company is acquiring equipment that allows them to bring work that was previously being outsourced into their own facility. It's probably safe to say that you are currently spending more per month to have your bending done for you than any of the monthly payment plans we can provide for you.


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