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Pines Field Service & Charges

We know how important continuous production is to your bottom line. Pines field service is backed by a team of dedicated service engineers who are experienced in setup, mechanical and electrical components, controls and automated part handling equipment.

The Pines Field Service Crew is available for on-site repairs, upgrades and training of your personnel.

We support all of our machines as well as many other brands of bending equipment.

To schedule a service call, please contact one of our team members below:

Bob Nosky
Inside Technical Support
Email: bnosky@pines-eng.com
Phone: 440-278-7200



Service Charges

For Technical Assistance and Supervision by a Pines
Authorized Service Engineer

Pines policy is to build the best possible bending machines. In line with this policy, we believe that the job does not end when the machine has left our plant. It continues indefinitely as we provide the customer with technical assistance in the maintenance and operation of their equipment.

To meet this goal, we are constantly improving our Customer Service Department and have established the following uniform charges for service:


**Rate update in progress. Please contact Pines for a rate quote.**


Effective June 2008 – Subject to change without notice.

For further assistance, please contact:

Pines Customer Service
Phone: 440-278-7200
Fax: 440-278-7210
Email: bnosky@pines-eng.com



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