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pines Model 660 Tube & Rod End-Finishing Machine

Fast, Simultaneous Deburring, Chamfering, Facing or Forming

The Pines Model 660 End-Finishing Machine enables even an unskilled operator to accurately finish up to 1875 ends an hour. This economical machine can cut costs by freeing lathes or other expensive machines on a wide range of work such as simultaneous inside-outside deburring, chamfering, and facing. Or, it can increase production and improved accuracy over abrasive belts, deburring wheels, or similar methods.

Download Model 660 End Finishing Flyer

Simple Operation - one hand is always free for stock handling. Simply place the work piece through the self-centering chuck jaws, against adjustable stop, and pull the operating lever (on manual model only). This closes the chuck jaws, pivots the stop clear, and feeds the work to the rotating cutters. Overall time for chucking, machining and releasing is one second for small diameter tubes.

Easy Changeover - exchanging chuck inserts and tool holders with bits preset to accom-modate various diameters or operations can be completed in minutes. The standard tool holder seats three bits for inside-outside deburring, chamfering, and facing. Only four sets of tools are necessary to cover the 7/16" to 2" diameter range.

It's easy to change to any of the eight spindle speeds between 760 and 3920 RPM for best machining finish. Speed changes can be completed in less than a minute. Fast, precise setting for the amount of stock fed into the tool is made with the adjustable depth stop. Maximum stroke is 1-1/4".


  • Series 660-00, Manual, will finish approx.1500 ends an hour
  • Series 660-50, Air operated, will finish approx. 1875 ends an hour.

2 Models Available:

  • Series 660-00, Manually Operated End Finishing Machine
  • Series 660-50, Air Operated End Finishing Machine
  • Series 660-55, End Forming Machine (Spinner)

Accessory Equipment:

  • Tool Setting Gauge - speeds setup of standard tool holder, Micrometer settings with holder off the machine. Allows presetting only by gauging cutting position of bits for any diameter 7/16" through 2" O.D. Complete gauge, including micrometer and set screw drive.
  • Vertical Mounting Base - Gravity unloading of short pieces increases production (Cannot be used with coolant unit)
  • Coolant Unit - includes 5 gallon tank, motor, pump, hose, Splash shields, and pan. Recommended to increase tool life when finishing stainless steel or other hard alloys.
  • 1 HP Modification - Motor has 250 - 1250 RPM range for chamfering O.D. bar stock. Required for work with Stainless Steel.

Tooling Options:

  • Special Tool Holder Only - no tool bits - Covers work for 1/8" minimum O.D. (1/16" minimum I.D.) through 5/8" maximum O.D. (9/16" maximum I.D.) NOTE: Special tool bits cut a 30-degree chamfer angle.
  • Chuck Jaw Inserts - One pair is required for each diameter work piece 1/8" through 2" O.D. Made of hardened steel from 9/16" O.D. through 2" O.D. Specify Outside Diameter.
  • Standard Tool Bits - Fits standard tool heads. Sizes from 7/16" minimum O.D. (5/16" minimum I.D.) to 2" maximum O.D.
  • Special tooling available for most applications
  • Usually ships from Stock

Air-Operated Model

Series 660–55 Spinner

Used for closing the ends of tubes

Tool Setting Gauge

Typical Operations


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