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Hydraulic Applications

Hydraulic Tube Bending

Hydraulic power is still the most efficient way to transmit force, especially in a mobile application. The disadvantage to hydraulic systems is the need to pun piping to carry the hydraulic oil to the various hydraulic cylinders, pumps, valves and back to the reservoir. Hose runs, while simple, don’t look professional and can actually be dangerous for extended runs. For this reason most manufacturers of hydraulically powered equipment use hard lines for the majority of the hydraulic oil routing.

Hydraulic tubing, and sometimes IPS pipe are used to transport hydraulic oil under pressure to the various components of a hydraulic system. Characteristically these lines are bent to a generous radius (3D or greater). Unfortunately they are often designed with very short straight lengths between bends or at either end. Sometimes tubes must be flared before bending since the short straights do not leave enough room for a flaring machine to grip the tube after bending.

Since most hydraulic lines have many bends with unusual rotations (in order to closely follow the frame of the machine) a CNC tube bender is the ideal choice for this application. With short straights and unusual rotations the best choice is to use as small a bending machine as possible in order to minimize possible tube/machine interference. Pines offers bending machines in the following sizes: CNC015, CNC025, CNC040, and CNC075. Each CNC machine is rated for the largest OD tube it can bend in millimeters. (Larger machines are available but not usually utilized for hydraulic applications.)

Custom tooling may be required to avoid clamping on flared tube ends. A custom collet may be required to be able to expand enough to pass over a flared end or nut and grip the tube further up along its length. In order to ensure you have selected the proper machine please contact your sales representative.



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