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About Pines Engineering

Pines, more than any other bending machine manufacturer, is globally renowned for the design, manufacture and supply of some of the world's finest tube bending and end forming technologies – for increasingly complex power generation, military, aviation and shipbuilding requirements.

Pines FAQs  

In addition to these capabilities, a whole range of bend tooling and accessory options are also provided, as are comprehensive maintenance and service contracts, training and education programs and financial services. Pines also offers customers high quality bending machine rebuilds, refurbishment, upgrades and trade-ins.

From its state-of-the-art manufacturing center in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, USA, Pines is committed to providing customers with technologically advanced bending systems.

For further information please contact customer service:

Phone: (440) 278-7200
Fax: (440) 278-7210

Pines Engineering
Adapted from The Beacon News, October 1952

Pines Engineering was founded in 1940 by Byron Bower. Byron was born on a farm in Ohio, fought in World War I as a fighter pilot, graduated from Ohio State University in engineering, and went to work at Western Electric in Chicago as a designer of special machinery. He then went to Howell Company of St. Charles, a leading manufacturer of tubular furniture. There as Chief Engineer, he became convinced that the productivity of tube fabricating equipment could be greatly improved. His efforts greatly automated the processes at Howell from cut-off machines, all the way to plating and spray painting equipment. Rather than keep the plant running, Byron decided it would be more fun to design and build equipment, and he and Glen Hamlin left Howell to start his own business.
The first machine was sold to Schwinn in Chicago, the manufacturer of bicycles. In 1941, they rented a building in Batavia and had grown to twenty employees. With the onset of World War II, many different specialized machines were designed for the defense industry to manufacture shells, rockets, tank parts, and other defense applications. To handle this growth, the company moved to Aurora where space was obtained by the Aurora Equipment Company. John Dunham and his sister, Martha Dunham, became Directors of the company.
Most of the machines were end-finishing machines for the ends of tubing or pipe. Also, there was a line of equipment for bending tubes primarily for the aircraft industry and the bending of brass wave guides for the emerging television and radar industry. Further growth resulted in the building on Highland. At the end of the War, product development centered on the steel furniture industry. Pines bending equipment permitted 800-900 bends an hour where previous technology needed several set-ups to produce 60-100 bends per hour. This technology filled a need in various industries, including plumbing, heating and air conditioning, automotive, farm implements, aircraft, and it led to a large export base.
Pines prospered into the 1960's, when the decision was made to sell the company to Teledyne, a large conglomerate with numerous manufacturing operations around the world.



  • From 2013 to the present, Pines has been owned by Park Ohio, Ajax Tocco Magnethermic, DBA Pines Engineering.
  • From 1994 to 2013, Pines was owned by a private investment group. Located in Cleveland Ohio
  • From 1969 to 1994 Teledyne Corp. (now known as Allegheny Ludlum). Located in Aurora, IL
  • From 1943 to 1969 owned by Byron Bower the inventor of the mandrel bending machine. Located in Aurora, IL

Innovation (last to first)

  • 75 patents
  • 30,000 machines in the field
  • Introduction of CNC100 bender - the fastest 4" bender on the market
  • Introduction of the Pines Vision Remote Service System
  • Soft Clamp Safety Device
  • Dial-A-Bend VI PLC
  • Electric Bender
  • Windows based Control
  • Pressure Die Booster System
  • First to design NC Benchtop Bender.
  • Development of a special bender for coaxial cable.
  • First Microprocessor Controlled Bender.
  • Development of Formulas for Springback Compensation.
  • First Fully Automatic CNC Bender.
  • First Digital Dial-A-Bend© Machine Control.
  • First to design Vertical Compression Bender.
  • First machines designed specifically for bending tubing.
  • First rotary bender designed for bending metal furniture.

Pines and H&H enjoy a solid international reputation in tube bending with guaranteed tooling and equipment performance and together, set the standard of excellence.  Pines was the first to offer a fully automatic CNC Bender, design a vertical compression bender and was the first to hot bend titanium tubing successfully. 

Description of Company’s Business Operation


Pines Engineering has two brands. The Pines brand specializes in custom machinery to provide bending solutions across a wide variety of industries. The H&H Tooling brand specializes in the design and manufacturing of quality high tolerance bend tooling for all rotary and press bending machines.
With Pines Manufacturing being in business since 1943 and H&H being in business since 1961, over 105 years of combined industry experience comes together to provide a one source solution to your bending needs.  Pines and H&H continue to meet the challenge of supplying equipment and tooling for all bending applications and provide innovative solutions to bending requirements. 
Pines and H&H will evaluate your requests, provide equipment and tooling requirements, and troubleshoot problems with a support team of experienced people dedicated to customer satisfaction.
Together Pines and H&H Tooling lead the industry with the “Power of Experience” to provide a “Single Source Complete Bending System.”

Products and Services

  • Application Engineering
  • Bend tool engineering
  • CNC Benders
  • End Finishing Equipment
  • Extrusion Benders
  • Hydraulic Rotary benders
  • Machine rebuilding
  • Machine rental program
  • Made to order Machine customization
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Prototype bending
  • Tool design
  • Tool stocking program
  • Vertical Compression Benders
  • Bend tooling manufacture
    • Standard Draw
    • Reverse Interlock
    • Compound Tooling
    • Wiper Dies and Tips
    • Uni-Flex Mandrels
    • Mandrel Chart
    • Single Finger Tools
    • Serpentine Tools
    • Vertical Press Tooling


  • Telephone support
  • Trained service technicians
  • $4 million inventory spare parts
  • $1 million of finished or semi finished bend tool components
  • 1-year parts warrantee
  • Preventative Maintenance agreements include
    • Compilation of machine condition report and log
    • Advice and recommendations to avoid future machine problems
    • Completion of Pines service checklist every 3 months
    • Monthly discussions with customer regarding machine performance
    • 3 monthly backups of all machine data (where applicable)
    • Priority for service engineers’ callouts
    • Enhanced machine application support
    • Discounted parts and labor service

Our Mission

Our Mission is to lead our industry by providing technical innovation, quality bending and end forming products and services, and on time delivery.

We realize that we cannot exist without the support of our customers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers and we will treat them with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.


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