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Pines TS2000 CNC Control

The Pines TS2000 CNC control is one of the most feature rich yet user friendly controls on the market today.

The TS2000 software package was designed by Pines Engineering’s own in-house software design team. Calling on over 30 years of personal experience and over 45 years of company experience in developing CNC controls for tube bending machinery, we have developed a state of the art control to maximize the functionality of the tube bender.

State of the art

The TS2000 control, now in its 20th year, has continually evolved to meet the ever-changing requirements of the customer. Pines Engineering builds machines to suit the customer needs, so instead of generic, one size fits all tube benders we manufacture machines to suit a customer's specific needs. As new parts are designed the bending machine may require new features, both hardware and software, in order to efficiently fabricate these new part designs. The TS2000 software is then be updated to handle any new features. This means that the software for each machine is NOT custom, just customized. If you have different tube benders in your shop with different options, the exact same software package can be used on each machine greatly reducing the burden on a company’s maintenance or IT department.

The TS2000 is a PC based control with a touch screen user interface. The original office PC has evolved into a high quality industrial PC designed to live on the shop floor. The CRT has changed into a high resolution flat panel display with touch screen. Smarter IO has been added along with more capable servo motors and drives. New generation drive controls allow for better drive tuning and more control options than before. All these changes and more help keep the Pines TS2000 on the leading edge of CNC tube bender controls.

Data Entry

Data entry and programming of parts is quite simple. There are no software languages to learn, no G or M code to struggle with, and ABSOLUTELY NO LADDER LOGIC. If you can run a calculator, you can program the TS2000 control.

The TS2000 control accepts part data in 3 different formats. Standard YBC data (Length Rotation, Bend Angle), XYZ co-ordinates, or Absolute YBC data for those that have manual end-chucking carriages. Data is easily converted from one format to another by merely changing pages.

Data can be entered in Imperial units (inches), Metric units (millimeters) or Feet & Inches. Again changing from one unit to another is as simple as pressing a button.

Once the part shape data is entered the operator goes to the setup page and enters tooling and part specific information like Clamp Die Length, Tube Cut Length, Centerline Radius. With this information the TS2000s advanced control logic determines the best machine sequence to produce the part. Advanced features allow a skilled operator or setup person to override the standard logic for special machine sequences that may be required for unusual part shapes.

The Enable table allows the operator to turn off machine features that may not be required for certain parts like turning the mandrel extractor off when bending bar stock. This can speed up cycle time and reduce wear.

Another customer requested feature is the Comments page. This brings up a free form text editor to allow the operator or setup person to document any special instructions for bending (load tube with weld seam up) or revision history (Program changed to Rev2) or whatever information is deemed important to document.

All this information is saved to the hard drive when the part is saved.

Part Data Manager

This is where part programs are Saved, Recalled, or Erased. Instead of using a standard Windows File Manager box, Pines created a single interface with many more features.

Once the part has been programmed and tested select Part Data Manager. Select Save Part. Now you can enter a new part name for the program. You are limited to 45 characters for the part name. The name can contain ANY characters available on the keyboard (except “). You can also add a part comment description if you desire that is limited to 45 characters (90 characters total between the two). Once the part is saved the part listing can be scrolled through and information on each part can be previewed without recalling. Data such as OD, CLR, Tooling sizes, Metric or Imperial, Part Name, and Part Description, as well as date and time saved are displayed.

Data can be recalled by typing in the part name or by scrolling through the list of stored parts and highlighting the desired part name.

Parts can be sorted in the list view by Name, Data saved, Format (XYZ, YBC, etc) and many other parameters making it easier to view large amounts of programs. Parts can also be stored in different sub-directories for even more flexibility. Directories can be on the local hard disk, a network, or another Pines bender.

The Part Data Manager allows printing of part program data through any installed network printer. Installing a Windows printer is usually plug-and-play but never as difficult as in the DOS days.

Part program backup, restore and automatic backups are accessed here as well.

Part Backups

A Windows based PC control can easily be attached to an office or shop network for part storage or part program backup. Pines TS2000 comes with automatic backup software that can be configured by the customer to make automatic daily backups without operator intervention. You specify the location for the files and the time the backup takes place. The control also backs up all part programs as well as the necessary machine parameter files at the same time. Now you will have an easily accessible backup file for the part that was accidently deleted. Backup files are stored for an entire year.

User Manager

With a multitude of options available the novice user can be intimidated by the sheer volume of programming options. In order to reduce the amount of data required Pines Engineering introduced the User Manager. This function allows the control screens to be configured to suit the operators’ skill and comfort level. Rarely used options can be hidden. Options that should not be changed can be locked out. Program storage, retrieval, deletion, and over-writing can all be selectively prohibited. The User Manager can be configured to job function (Operator, Setup, Programmer, Maintenance, etc.) or by individual user name. Each user account can have a unique case sensitive password.

Remote Servicing

One of the big advantages of the PC based system is its inherent networking ability. This allows the customer to easily connect his machine control to the internet. If there is a machine problem that the customer cannot solve he merely contacts Pines and we can establish a remote connection to the TS2000 PC. (Always with the customer's knowledge and permission.) and our service department can see exactly what the customer sees. We can then instruct the operator, or maintenance personnel in the best way to remedy the situation. If desired the customer can grant us access to change the part programs or machine parameters if required. We can even install a remote camera to see the machine in action if desired.


The TS2000 has an advanced level of self diagnostics. All machine functions are continuously monitored by the PC. When a fault occurs the machine is safely brought to a halt. An error message is displayed showing the fault by name not by obscure error code or sequence code. Most error messages are self explanatory including the basic procedure for removing the fault. When the fault has been corrected the message can be cleared and many times the part cycle can be restarted without the need to restart the PC, or re-reference the machine or scrap the part in process.

The Pines TS2000 control is incredibly fault tolerant. Multiple Cycle Stops and Emergency stops can occur during a single part cycle and the part program can still be run through to completion. Not so important when bending a copper tube but 4” stainless, 3” titanium, or 8” Inconel parts are a little expensive to throw away even occasionally.

Obviously some failures will involved removing power from the machine in order to replace the faulty component. In cases where a switch is misadjusted or loose, it is common to make the adjustment and continue on with the part cycle. Of course all such adjustments should be made with the Emergency Stop activated. Once the switch has been properly adjusted just restart the pump motor and press cycle start to finish the part cycle.

Standard Features

Of course the Pines TS2000 control has all the features that have finally become standard on other machine controllers such as Programmable Mandrel Lubrication, Early Mandrel Extraction, Oscillating Mandrel, Springback Calculation, Automatic Springback Compensation, Hitch Feed, Open Collet Bending, Closed Collet Bending, Automatic Tube Recapture (in the pressure die or wiper die zone), Swing Away Wiper Die, and many, many more.

Please contact Pines Engineering if you have further questions about the TS2000 control, or any other Pines products.



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